Deck List:Edit

  • soon to come...


  • TCGO Firestarter

    The Firestarter Deck

    Origionally, the deck was called "Firestarter" featuring Magmortar and Ninetails. This deck contained these cards:
    • Cyndaquil x4
    • Quilava x3
    • Typhlosion x1
    • Magmar x3
    • Vulpix x4
    • Ninetales x1
    • Rattata x3
    • Eevee x4
    • Flareon x2
    • Potion x2
    • PlusPower x2
    • Full Heal x1
    • Copycat x2
    • Bill x3
    • Energy Returner x1
    • Fire Energy x24

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